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  •  Vehicle configuration
  •  Side-by-side comparisons
  •  Manufacturer competitive advantages
  •  Customizable user interface design
  •  Consumer behavior reporting
  •  Multi-lingual translations
  •  Make / Model search
  •  Search-by-feature
  •  Printable comprehensive reports
  •  Complete hosting solutions
  •  Customized data feeds
  •  XML solutions

"CRS' online tool suite was developed using our collective knowledge and experience delivering high quality solutions to clients in the automotive industry."

-- Stephen Rouleau,
   Vice President of Internet Technology

By utilizing CRS' seamless configuration technology, consumers can choose a desired model and add optional equipment to build their ideal vehicle. This technology is available as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with other CRS technology.

Side-by-side Comparisons:
This high performance tool lets users comparison shop by matching selected models against competitors on a feature-by-feature basis. In addition, CRS' comparison technology can generate multiple side-by-side comparisons.

Manufacturer Competitive Advantages:
Advantages are available within the comparison technology to highlight manufacturer advantages on the comparison report for quick consumer reference.

Consumer Behavior Reporting:
Consumer activity is tracked throughout the configuration and comparison process for monthly reviews of consumer habits.

Spanish/French Canadian Translations:
All user interface components are available for translation to reach multiple markets on the Internet. Additional languages are available on request.

Make/Model Search:
Users can search for specific models by name for further research information.

Search by Feature:
Ideal for the consumer who's not sure exactly which model is right for them, but has specific requirements and ideas of what a model needs to include.

Printable Comprehensive Reports:
A full configuration report is generated for the consumer to print and save the ideal model they have created.

Complete Hosting Solutions:
All of CRS' solutions are fully hosted by CRS to ensure reliability and timely product updates.
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