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Developed specifically for powersport industry professionals, FactFinder™ provides a convenient and reliable source to all of the data needed for in-depth reporting and routine fact-finding.

The depth of data analysis increases the effectiveness of OEM sales training, competitive research and marketing programs. FactFinder's™ various reports let sales and product-planning professionals quickly execute competitive analysis. Its ease of use allows marketing specialists to quickly communicate a model's value in advertising material.

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Model Research
Gather model specific standard and optional equipment, detailed specifications, photos and color options for complete model knowledge on any competing model.

Search By Feature
Select criteria to pinpoint models that meet your specific requirements for quick model findings.

Customized Feature Sets
Choose from over 300 features and specifications in the CRS database to create reports that are tailored to your researching needs.

Competitive Comparisons
Select an unlimited number of models for feature-by-feature and spec-by-spec analysis to get an across-the-board look at how competing models stack up against each other.

Download and save comparison reports, list reports and comprehensive model reports to share with other members of your team and incorporate into additional research maintained within your company.

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