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Landing Page
  • Overall summary of the users chosen vehicle.

  • Includes important specifications and standard features along with a model photo for the chosen vehicle.

  • Makes for a great printable report

Model Configuration

  • Allows the consumer to view all of the optional equipment that is available on the motorcycle, scooter, ATV, personal watercraft or snowmobile they are researching. The user can choose any of the listed options, which adds the equipment cost onto the original MSRP for a true look at the user's dream model.

  • Uses manufacturers’ build rules to create a ready-to-order model that can be passed onto a local dealer to start the buying process.

  • Technology prevents users from adding multiple “like features,” such as multiple model colors or more than one set of rearview mirrors, to ensure a valid configuration.

Choose Competitors
  • Invites users to compare their selected model with other motorcycles that are considered direct competitors.

  • A user to can also choose from any motorcycle in the marketplace to weigh against their original selection.

Comparison Report

  • Lets users comparison shop by matching your models against the competition on a feature-by-feature, spec-by-spec basis.

  • Your model advantages are highlighted throughout the comparison process, drawing the users’ attention to superior areas of the product.

  • CRS will work with you to devise a list of direct competitors for each model along with a list of features and specifications for display.

  • CRS can accommodate multiple comparisons

Advantage List and Advantage Summary
  • A list and summary provides a showcase of your model’s advantages over a chosen competitor.

  • A useful and quick reference for the customer to see where your model beats the competition.

  • Available for use in dealer training materials, showroom kiosks and print materials for on going product knowledge.

Multiligual Solutions

  • CRS data is available in multiple languages, such as Spanish and French Canadian.

  • A multilingual solution can be integrated directly into the client's English language website.

  • Clients can target multicultural communities with a fully translated comparison tool.

  • Expands manufacturers’ market opportunities.

  • Invites customers to research models in their native language.

Brand Highlighting

  • Brand Highlighting enables clients to highlight and showcase technologies unique to their product line.

  • Informs consumers in detail about features unique to the manufacturer.

  • Arms consumers with factual information to make their buying decisions.

Search By Feature
  • A user-friendly research tool to assist the consumer in choosing the right ATV, motorcycle, scooter, snowmobile or personal watercraft for them.

  • Consumers can search the entire product line by selecting relevant criteria.

  • This tool places users in the ideal position to find models that fit their lifestyle.

  • Search-by-feature can be a standalone product or used with other CRS applications.
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